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Understanding your unique inner behaviors creates a master key that unlocks the complex issues of your life.

Your Authentic Survey used the most advanced behavioral science to create key insights about your true self. Are you ready to see yourself clearly for the first time?

The personal truths you are about to discover will be easy to understand and will positively impact all of the issues in your life: your family, relationships, career, love, marriage….. Your entire life.

You may never have been taught these truths about yourself. Not by your teachers, parents, coaches, friends, counsellors, therapists or spiritual advisors. The point, as Galileo said, is to discover them about yourself, for yourself. Is now the time for you?

Many of the life changing insights from your Authentic Survey are included in the 11 chapters that you will receive. Each chapter focuses on one of the eleven core aspects of your unique inner behaviors and work together like the teeth on your master key to unlock all the important areas of your life.

Each chapter has four easy to understand sections:
The first section provides insights into how you usually behave in regard to the important aspects of your life. In other words, how you act when you are free to be at your best.

The second section provides insights into what you need from others in order to be at your best.
You’ll learn about how you can meet your core needs in order to resolve the issues in your life.

Just as importantly, the third section identifies the stress that you might experience if your needs are not met and how to eliminate your reactions to related stress.

The fourth section provides you with the opportunity and the tools to integrate your key insights into your daily life.

In each section there are important video links that directly relate to the insight you are receiving. These links are designed to guide your understanding and go deeper into any related issues.

My Life Coach links are 20 to 40 seconds in length and feature your personal life coach, Dave Phillips.


Please take a moment now to understand the value you will receive by spending a few seconds with Dave in each My Life Coach link.

iQuest links are also typically 20 to 40 seconds in length and feature real people with behavioral science profiles similar to yours, sharing their experiences and the personal insights they have gained from My Life’s Master Key. Please take a moment now to understand the value you will receive by spending a few seconds in each iQuest link.

The lock on your full potential has a key that only you can turn. Your Master Key has been cut. Are you ready to turn the key?

“Think of your life as a series of doors you try to unlock and open to experience more of what you desire most. Today those doors swing wide open.” ~Vic Conant