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3 easy steps

know thyself - socrates

If you dont know where you’re going,any road will get you there
If you dont know who you are how will you choose a road at all?

  1. Introduction call with your coach – This is where we design your individual process. Your coach will explain each step and help design the options you will want and answer any questions you have about the process.
  2. Complete the Birkman Assessment – Birkman is perhaps the most respected assessment on the planet because it measures the forces that control your life and helps you control them.
  3. Book session 1 – You’ll have 6 sessions with your coach walking through all your personal behaviors and then apply who you are to what you do every day. There are many practical questions that are burning inside all of us. For some ideas Click Here

Knowing yourself is the single most important starting place for a balanced, satisfying and stress free life.

Big decisions will be easier to make and longer lasting when your hidden preferences are revealed to you.

Your personal profile coach is a trained Birkman consultant and will co-create pathways toward practical solutions to the most challenging issues in your career and relationships.

sample sessions
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The Unlocking Process will reduce or eliminate your stresses, issues, barriers, frustrations or drama.