the unlocking process

personal profile coaching

Time and time again i`ve peeked back at my seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.It has genuinely been a very helpful process.
Bryce Zurowski partner,chief operating officer-Dossiercreaive-Vancouver,Toronto

At first i was skeptical.I am a practical and somewhat impatieent person and i thought this really wasn`t for me.I was proven wrong within 5 minutes of scanning over my first report.Uncanny result.More importantly , the information provided clarity and feedback that helped me rcognize what i had in my toolbox and how to focus and use those toolsto create and build my dream life(career and relationship).It sound corny, but it was truly a life defining experience. Jeen Wesanko

At a recent point in my carer when i felt torn in a few directions , personal profile coaching brought clarity about what would best sui me in my future career choiches.After spending 7 years as the CEO of Fortune 500 company, i was not sure whether i sould pursue another CEO role,do board work or coach management team.This process was instrumental in helping me see my choiches clearly and to help me understand what would be most likely to make me happy.Sure enough,having followed the advice i got and applying thr insights i learned in the process, i am probably the happiest i`ve ever been vocationally. Micahel Brown Chairman of Line 6 and former Chairman/CEO of Quantum Corporation

My 16-year-old son went through the Unlocking Process with Nelson Phillips.  Both my son and I sat through the interpretation sessions together which gave me some great coaching ideas for my son. 
 The process was a wonderfully positive affirmation of who my son is.  Nelson is a very easy person to talk to and really understands how Birkman can help us answer practical questions about career direction and choosing education.
 We got several practical tools that we've not been able to find anywhere else.  There was some great stuff for our relationship and some very helpful information that Ryan really needs to be successful and satisfied in a future career. For example learning how to deal with his personal stress and how to build a validated ideal job description were very helpful. .
 This will inform so many other decisions that Ryan will need to make in his life especially in his career and relationships.  I wish I had done this when I was younger.  I'm sure it would have had a very positive effect on my career and relationships.
 I think every young person should go through “The Unlocking Process” if they can.
 Eddie Wood General Manager/Owner Mount Seymour Ski Area

Every young person should go through the Unlocking Process.
Greg Blakely – CEO Balgarath Investments

Great Strategies, tactics and tools. Helped me make the best choice first time.
Paul Keetch

The unlocking process is unmatched in my experience. My whole family has been through earlier versions of the program and I highly recommend it.
– David Bentall Former CEO Dominion Construction Internally Ranked #2 - Slalom Water Skiing

I’ve seen it all… but nothing even comes close to this process. It’s been a process that has served me for many many years.
- Leanne Abraham – CEO Premierehire – Carlsbad California

Remarkably helpful to me and my whole family. I highly recommend this process.
Darryl Reid – Asst Deputy Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Canada

The Unlocking Process will reduce or eliminate your stresses, issues, barriers, frustrations or drama.